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Reply To: Metting New People
Knight was instantly become awake when she felt herself fall. Knight hit landed on her butt and looked around. She noticed the girl in front of her. "W-What?" Knight said still a little out of it. She knew the girl said something but Knight hadn't heard it. That is the moment that Principal Celestia spoke. "Cleaned up?" She said confused, that is when she looked down at her shirt and noticed the coffee stain. "W-what?" She said shocked at the sudden appearance of coffee. She sighed when she remembered, she didn't have a change of clothes. So she would have to wear the gym uniform.
Knight stood up as The girl named Eternity mentions a location called the "office of doom." Knight wasn't sure how to respond to that. She looked at the principal and followed her. Knight was sure it wasn't like that at all. Knight was more worried about the vice Principal being in the office then anything else.
Knight had finished changing into her P.E. outfit and placed her outfit into a pile. She wasn't su
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Reply To: Metting New People
Knight closed her locker and got ready to head to class. She stopped to rub her eyes as her mind started to wander. She was trying to remember what her dream was about. As Knight tried to remember what the dream was, she started to stare off into space, which wasn't a surprise. This sadly meant that she wasn't really paying attention when a commotion started down the hall or when everyone else seemed to get out of the way of something. Knight snapped out of it, just in time to see a green haired girl, riding a skateboard, coming right at her.
Knight figured that she must have spaced out again, because next thing she knew, she was laying on the ground. The green haired girl was above her, with her hand out. "I-It's fine." Knight said closing her eyes, she really just wanted to go back to bed. Knight didn't know what the other girl was talking about, but it was always a good thing to say when nothing was wrong and the other person was saying sorry. Knight took her hand and aloud herself
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Meeting new people.
Knight sighed a little as she looked up at the school. Knight had spent a lot of the night working on a paper that was due later, so she didn't get that much sleep. She knew that the day wasn't going to be a good day. Knight slowly started up the small set of stairs leading up to the doors of the school. Knight opened then and rubbed her eyes. She wondered if she could catch a nap during lunch or something, as she was quite tired. Knight couldn't help but yawn as she started down the halls, which were full of other kids doing pretty much what she was doing. Knight started to weave past other students, trying to get to her locker. It didn't take her long to get to her locker, open it and put her bag inside. Knight rubbed her eyes as she got her books.
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Knight sighed as she walked up to the school. It had been a difficult morning. Not only did she miss breakfast, but she missed the bus, which meant that she was late for school. Knight was worried about what her teachers would think as she walked up the small flight of stairs. Knight opened the door and peeked around. She didn't see anyone in the halls. Knight slowly walked to the nearest wall and made sure the coast was clear before she continued to sneak to class.
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A few months back I got these ponies from their original owner :iconloveedovey:. I figured it was about time I made a picture using them. Sadly I only had a few reference images. I have made a few changes, to make them easier for me to draw. loveedovey has a very interesting style of drawing, one I can't really copy very well.
The ponies, from left to right, are Clever Clues, Love E (Eternity) Dovey and Cracking Dawn.
I think I should change Eternity's name, since LoveEDovey has and OC with that name.
The bases for this picture were made by: :iconpegasski:
I got tagged by :icontrombone2015: a few days ago. This will be so fun. ^.^

First up is...
the Rules:
1.Write the rules
2.Write 13 things about yourself
3.Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tag you, and make your own 13 questions
4.Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13!
5.Make sure that they know that they are tagged
6.Don't say "You're tagged if you read this..."
7.It is forbidden to not tag anyone
8.Tag backs are allowed
9.If you're lazy, don't do it on comments of this journal
10.If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you

My 13 things!
1. I love skirts
2. I love anime/manga
3. I went to an animecon once. I want to do it again.
4. FF7 is my favorite FF game.
5. I stand around 5'6"
6. I hate my hair.
7. I have made comics in the past.
8. I try to jog every other morning.
9. I hate winter.
10. I like to cosplay. >.<
11. I am Canadian.
12. I have dirty blond hair.
13. I prefer doing stuff for others more then doing something for myself.

Trombone's questions!

1. What sports are you looking forward to watch during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and what country do you support?
U-Um...none? I guess I would default to supporting Canada.
2. What is your favorite video game system?
I like PC. I love modding games, especially if it's an MLP mod. >.<
3. Are you currently working on a project?
I actually have two projects. I have my Tumblr ask and a new comic I am working on.
4. What is the best thing to do over the summer vacation?
Go to the pool/beach
5. If you got the chance to use one mode of public transportation for free for one whole week, what would it be?
I guess the bus, I am not to big on traveling far.
6. Have you ever played the game truth or dare?
Yes...tomatoes don't belong in drinks...
7. How old are you?
....29....No, don't look at me. =.=
8. How many original characters do you have and which one is your favorite?
*counts on fingers* I guess only 3 would count as Original characters.
9. What is the most annoying sound in the world?
I guess something dragging over fabric.
10. What do you consider is your best work of art? P
I guess the one called "Fantasy Ponies."
11. Have you ever been part of a collaboration?
Sadly no, I have not. I do want to be part of a collaboration.
12. What is your favorite YouTube channel to watch?
13. What would you do if you had a twin that was completely rule 63 (That is if you are a boy, the twin would be a girl. And if you are a girl, the twin would be a boy) and was allowed to do anything with you?
We would go to Ponyville! We can't? Then we would watch all the MLP:FIM episodes.

My questions!
1. What Fandoms do you like?
2. What is your favorite animal?
3. Do you like sports?
4. Who is your favorite OC you have?
5. If you could go to any fictional world, which would you go to?
6. What is your favorite kind of Genre?
7. Sci-fi or Fantasy?
8. Any Deviants you want to give a shout out for?
9. Have you ever played Final Fantasy 7?
10. Have you every written a story?
11. Is there an event that you want to go to?
12. Would you want to be hugged by a pony?
13. What would you suggest to someone looking for something new to watch?

I would like to tag these users. ^.^
(that is all I can think of...)
  • Listening to: Literal Pony Songs.
  • Watching: My little pony!
  • Eating: hay burgers
  • Drinking: Water



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